So often in mass media, the discourse surrounding economics and politics is a convoluted one. We hear the same vague talking points, the same punchy catch-phrases, the same hot-button issues. Yet what is truly being said beneath the buzz and hype?

This blog is an attempt to see past the empty rhetoric, to go beyond polarizing party lines—and explore substantial political and economic issues we face today.

In this spirit, this blog encourages lively and civil discourse. Feel free to write challenging and debate worthy comments from your own unique insight. Also, feel free to share this link with others so they can  receive e-mail updates, or follow the discussion.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Great blog! Thanks for following mine. You write on such amazing topics, and that’s why it is more than a pleasure and honour to be liked by you. I beg your apologies if I’m asking something so weird, but I cannot help wondering whether you can get what I’m writing about 🙂
    Greetings from Turkey!

    1. Hi Ozlem!

      I’m so glad to be communicating with + following someone from Turkey! Likewise, I’m pleased that my blog offers insights into life in America + I hope that it helps shed some light on the commonality that unites us all.

      Recently, a friend of mine went on a trip to Istanbul + other areas of Turkey + brought back a book she made of the trip. Her pictures included the famous Hagia Sophia.

      As for following your blog, I have to admit that I have on occasion used online translation services to translate some of your blog pieces. And I have to admit that after translation, the blog posts reveal quite an interesting culture. In addition, I sometimes learn a bit about your blog from the photos.

      Greetings from Oregon! 🙂

    1. Thx so much America On Coffee and glad to hear from ya! 🙂

      Yeah…since the political landscape is so intense these days I’m posting a bit less. However, I still have ideas to share from time to time + I really appreciate dialoguing with fine people such as yourself. Also, since my daughter and grandson live with my wife and I, I’ve been pretty busy with my grandson lately. He’s a lot of fun!

      Take Care + keep up the great work on your blog!

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